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Chapter 1: Everyone seems to be an officer! That's not the way the military works. There should be regular enlisted ratings turning the wrenches and doing the other physical work on-board the ships. Officers do the thinking and planning not the wrench turning. Who the heck is Panagos? Why wasn't it Naxos replying? Stop jumping back and forth between first and last names. On the bridge of a ship inter crew communication is usually very formal with folks being commonly addressed by their function. Captains don't yell on the bridge!

Every Navy has specific communication procedures and protocols so when the message is overheard by Nagumo there would be a procedure to follow. Certainly where the message sending/receiving medium was tenuous it would have been imperative to have followed a standard procedure to ensure the message was correctly received.

[NOTE: The discussion of the warp drive being used for signaling is malformed in the pdf and runs off the right side page (Chap 1,Page 3, 3rd para)]

Same comment with respect to the Sacagawea going out to inspect?
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